Our Story

Raggi Group is the set of people and professionals who, thanks to an experience of over 75 years in business, offers top quality services in all areas of architecture.

The leading company of the Raggi family is Raggi Costruzioni e Restauri s.r.l., born from the evolution of the company Raggi Vittorio s.n.c. and passed through the Impresa Edile Santa Brigida s.a.s construction company, which since the last century have enriched their curriculum thanks to valuable interventions.

Founded as a family business, it has maintained respect for tradition and has been able to combine over time the needs of different customers with the continuous change of construction technologies. We have tried to achieve the objectives required by each customer by respecting the current regulations and construction technologies; and above all with the experience gained by our technical and production staff.
The Family has always believed that the value of the company is given by the quality, the experience of its employees and the investments to modernize the equipment.
Today the group has over 100 employees.

Thanks to the continuous commitment, Raggi Costruzioni e Restauri s.r.l. today it is a leader in the field of restoration, recovery and enhancement of the built heritage, as well as in the related services.

The group

The company directly controls two other companies: RR Retail s.r.l. (wholly-owned subsidiary) and Target Costruzioni s.r.l. (43% controlled), which enrich decades of experience in the field of restoration with their activities in the luxury food and beverage sector on the one hand and in the field of industrial and prefabricated constructions on the other.

The group is then joined by another series of companies, with high experience and specialization, each of which further extends the potential of the entire family. Among these, Raggi Cave s.r.l. which was born from the merge of two of the most ancient artisan firms in Florence that since 1919 were excavating and working the stone of S. Brigida; the stonemason techniques have been handed down over the decades for four generations and this allows us to offer today both mechanically worked and hand-worked products.

Our stone

The sandstone of Monte Senario, as well as compositional and aesthetic, also has technical characteristics very similar to those of the Pietra Serena. The sandstone cultivated in Santa Brigida therefore constitutes a decorative stone of considerable value, both for its aesthetic qualities and for its excellent workability and sculptability.

In addition to the precious stone owned, the Raggi family today also works with stones and marbles to provide the highest quality material in the retail projects of the most important fashion brands in the world. Among the collaborations that have taken place and are in progress, we highlight Prada and Fendi, to which RR Retail, through Raggi Cave, has supplied and supplies all the marble used in their stores all over the world.